Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Harper Government doesn't want kids to listen to New Kids on the Block!!! Pass It On

As if the Herpes government hasn't done enough to piss off Canadians, today it was announced that the New Kids on the Block have had to postpone their trip to Ottawa because of The Herpes Government's immigration department.

It seems that The Herpes Government has a whole new group of Canadians who will detest them. My daughter and her friends were "over the moon" as she put it because Donnie Wahlberg and his weinerfest were going to serenade them.

Now she's going to have to wait one more sleep to see the boys and their friends.

Showing up a day late, the NKOB make Justin Bieber look positively early.

RISE UP! The Herpes Government Doesn't Want You To Listen to This Music!!!!


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