Friday, 7 June 2013

Donut Day: Another missed Canadian opportunity

Fun facts about the American celebration of National Donut Day.

  • National Donut Day is celebrated on the first Friday in June.
  •    More than 10 billion donuts are made every year in the U.S. alone.
  • The largest donut ever made was a 1.7 ton jelly doughnut, which was 16 feet in diameter and 16 inches high in the center.
  • Adolph Levitt invented the first donut machine in 1920.
  • The Dutch are credited with bringing doughnuts to North America with their olykoeks, or oily cakes in the 1800s.
  • The Guinness World record for donut eating is held by John Haight, who ate 29 doughnuts in just over 6 minutes.
Now consider this: Per capita, Canada has more donut shops than any other country. Yet we don't celebrate the donut day here. Another missed Canadian opportunity.


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