Monday, 27 May 2013

The Ford Brothers: "Maggots" and "Faggots"

Man, those Ford brothers are an articulate pair.
First Rob Ford "allegedly" but most probably called Justin Trudeau a "fag" in the infamous non-video. Now his big bro is calling the media "maggots".
The Fords certainly are poets.
I have a question.
How exactly did the Ford brothers get themselves a talk show? Who is paying for the air time?
Nothing in radioland is free, so are they paying for it themselves, being that they are rich and not in need of salaries? If others are paying for their air time on NewsTalk 1010, do they have to file that expense with Elections Canada?
Giving a full hour over to a couple of jokesters like the Ford Brothers kind of smacks of Third World despotism, doesn't it? Does NewsTalk1010 allow equal time to others?
I found it incredible yesterday that CTV News Channel gave the Ford Brothers whole pieces of their newscast for several hours so they could blorg on about how they were going to take media types behind the woodshed and beat their behinds. It almost sounded like threats.
And we have to believe that the Fords know how to get 'er done, if you see what I's sayin'.
If I were John Stackhouse, I believe I would hire me some security. Stat!
I don't live in Toronto, nor to I intend to anytime soon, but I can't help but wonder what happened to its municipal government to let thugs like Bob and Doug get a hold of it.
It's almost like watching Kelsey Grammar on Boss!
One of my Facebook friends suggested that David Crane come up to Toronto and do a Canadian version of the Sopranos.
Garbage contracts! Check.
Somalian druglords! Check.
Sisters getting their faces blown off by nefarious characters! Check.
Escalades! Check.
Delusions of grandeur. Check. Check. Check.
Pauly and Pussy and Christafa couldn't provide better comic relief.
The Sopranos was a piece of fiction.  The Crackford Files, well, you can't make this shit up.
And it's free with your subscription to Rogers or Bell Media.
Imagine what's coming next...
Rob Ford eats a dozen burgers, reports to the emergency saying he has angina, and the doctors tell him it's just indigestion.
And that he has anger issues.
Rob Ford gets on his radio show and declares that Toronto Hospital is "full of pond scum out to get him".
That's all for now.

BTW, we see another videotape has emerged, from the time the Ford Brothers were in high school. Unfortunately, they deny its existence....


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