Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Stephen Harper: Duffalumps and woozels

Shortly after Prime Minister Harpo finished his back-patting speech about what a great job the Tories did at improving accountability in Ottawa, I saw a post on Twitter from canada.com which described Stephen Harper's talk as "angry".

No, I corrected them.

He wasn't angry; he was defiant.

Harper is a political firebrand, the kind of leader who rises to the top because of his own brand of psychopathy. As Hannibal Lecter describes his own condition, "you have a perspective, I have a view". To a psychopath, the truth is irrelevant as are the implications of their actions on other people. All that counts to a psychopath is himself, and in Harper's case "the brand".

Harper didn't defend Duffalump and the other woozels because he cared about them. He only cared that they had been loyal foot soldiers. Duffy and Wallin did the fundraising. Wright did his dirty work.

And now, he sits atop a heap of political rubble still not understanding that the Canadian public, the media, even soldiers in his own party are disgusted by recent events.

This isn't the Canada my father fought for. It isn't the Canada we want to leave to our children.

This is Harper's Canada, a place where rules can be broken if they don't suit the political agenda.

These are sins not to be forgiven, as the Liberals learned during the sponsorship scandal. Canadians can forgive a lot, but they don't abide liars and cheats.

Most folks don't understand or even comprehend a $300 billion anything, but they do understand a $90,000 pay off. Most of us don't make that in two years. Some people -- seniors, those toiling for poor wages or the unemployed -- won't see $90 k in a decade.

It's sickening really.

But what does the Prime Minister say?

"I'm angry, and really  upset."

Not about what Duffy and the other thieves have done to Canadians but what they have done to him.

Still, the who-hah wasn't enough to keep our Steve from his appointed rounds in South America.

He will rest well tonight.

The psychopath is a sound sleeper, secure in his nest.

He doesn't realize that it's over.

Canadians are decent and God fearing, but they aren't stupid.

They know how to rattle a serpent out of his nest.


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