Friday, 31 May 2013

Mike Duffy: Minister Without Shame

Okay, okay.
So I was going to make Rose's Cantina a Duffy free zone today, but it just wasn't possible. Like the Ikea monkey story, this one continues to have legs.
It wasn't enough for Duff to get a six figure salary plus reasonable expenses. Nope, not Captain Potato Head from PEI. He wanted to be a Minister without Portfolio so he could have a car, driver and a bunch of staff. And be paid not just from the government coffers but also from the PC Fund.
Was there no depth to which Mike Duffy could sink?
I can't remember the last time there was a Minister without Portfolio. I seem to recall that was the brain child of the Trudeau Liberals, but I can't remember what a MWP actually did. I mean, you have to think Crime Minister Hairpiece would have to give people some indication that the MWP was doing something aside from riding around in cars getting coffee with comedians.
The car wouldn't be too good to get Duff to Conservative speaking engagements in Saskatoon or Yellowknife, now would it?
Duff probably was also coveting a nifty Challenger, the tricked out one. Is it still on the tarmac, or did the GoC sell it to Justin Bieber for his own personal slut plane?
Duff would need transport given his past DUI history -- people never learn -- so he might also want a railway club car to take him on the short trips to Montreal and Quebec City. And a helicopter to take him into the hard to get-to areas of Canada.
Hey, he could be Minister of Transport!
He wouldn't want just any kind of Duff delivery mode.
Every MWP needs to get a steam and a rub down while on long road trips. And a dining area stocked with fine Canadian bevvies and tasty treats to keep his blood sugar regular.
We wouldn't want little Mikey to starve himself.
Where does Duffy dream up these romantic fantasies?
He is indeed entitled to his entitlements.
I bet Duff wishes the Senate scandal had happened last year instead of this.
I hear he had his eye on the Popemobile.

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