Thursday, 23 May 2013

Marjory LeBreton: Who you calling a licksplittle?

Stephen Harper would do well to tell Senator Marjory LeBreton to zip it.
Instead of giving Canadians some useful information yesterday, she took the time to lambast other parties and what she called "media lickspittles" for asking legitimate questions about the Senate expenses fiasco.
This is vintage Marjory, herself a quintessential "lickspittle" or toadie mouthpiece. LeBreton is well known as a hyper-partisan having polished the toenails of Tory leaders since before Brian Mulroney was pocketing Shrieber money. Essentially, the good Senator has been on the public dole since 1984 -- that's thirty years -- and she's got another few to go, suckling at the public tit either as a patronage princess dispensing goodies to Conservatives across the land or as a publically-paid apologist for Tories everywhere.
Yesterday, she was showing her partisan thong accusing people who are paid to question the government of being biased towards the opposition. I can tell you for a fact that people like Bob Fife and Tim Harper are equal opportunity pests who would be just as happy to skewer a Liberal as a Tory.
The Tories have been in power for quite some time now, and they're starting to smell like a decomposing corpse being devoured by opportunistic maggots who want to ingest the good stuff before it's nothing more than bones.
The Tories are, in other words, a Stephen King fantasy.
It does nothing for the Tories for LeBreton to bad mouth the media.
As Craig Oliver once told me, "we have the last word".
Yes, indeedy.
And as the venerable Globe and Mail noted today, LeBreton's comments "are bitter and easily disproved claims, and they are an insult to Canadians".
Liberals have always been accused of arrogance, rightly so. Liberal are arrogant.
But they've always been pretty friendly and upfront about it.
Marjorie LeBreton is not just arrogant and entitled. She is a shrew.
Who, in the interest of her fragrant party, should keep her fangs behind her lips and her partisan tail between her legs until Duffygate simmers down.


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