Thursday, 9 May 2013

Joe Cross Juice Cleanse: Must pulverize

I couldn't have picked a better week to do a juice cleanse.
It's hot as a whore out there, so who wants to turn on the stove?
In fact, I'm using my stove as my juicing station now.
It's also nice not to have to think about what's for dinner.
You know what's for dinner, lunch and breakfast.
I bought this Breville Juicer about three years ago and I used it, like, twice. Now I'm cranking out my entire week's worth of eats in it. I can make an entire day's worth of juice in about half an hour.
I thought juicing was going to be expensive, but it turns out that I can do it for less than ten bucks a day if I go Farm Boy and buy my apples, oranges and peppers in the discount bin. What does it matter if the skin is a little bruised? It's going to be pulverized anyway.
The worst thing about a juice fast is what comes out the other end, especially after a beet juice session. Not for the faint of heart.
But energy. I feel like Bradley Cooper in Limitless.
The gym is a breeze and I'm not dragging in the middle of the day.
I feel fantastic. My skin is clear. My eyesight has improved.
I've dropped a couple of inches around the middle. Score!
Today is the last day of my cleanse, and I'm thinking that I'll drink juice for the next 60 days, with just a meal at dinner time.
Who knew I would like kale so much?
Takes like chicken.
Tastes like lemonade cause you don't just drink kale juice. You add peppers and lemons and apples.
Must go.
I have pulverizing to do.


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