Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Chris Hadfield: Superfly

As William Shatner noted yesterday, Chris Hadfield is one big show off.
What can't the guy do?
He's a doctor. An astronaut. A singer/songwriter.
Triple threat really.
Winner of this year's edition of World Idol.
Chris Hadfield is a nerd amongst nerds, a guy who makes geekism cool.
Like the boys on the Big Bang Theory.
Until Chris Hadfield, nobody wanted to be an astronaut.
Especially a Canadian astronaut.
Now space travel is cool again.
Where do we sign up?
Oh wait. The Harpos are gutting the Canadian Space Agency, making it a laughing stock.
They are cutting research, too.
Seems Stephen Harper didn't pass his science and math exams. Doesn't see the benefit of evidence-based science.
No matter.
Today is not a day to gripe about assholes.
Today is a day to embrace our inner geek.
Chris, we Canadians are so damned proud of you, we are practically showing our bra straps!
Throwing you virtual panties.
How can we possibly repay you for making learning about space fun?
A reality show?
A musical?
A certificate? An Order of Canada, perhaps?
Let's just say thanks for a job well done.
Hope you didn't hurt your bum when you crashed in Kazakhstan.
Later, dude.
p.s. The Leafs lost.
If you're looking for a new job, there might be one in Toronto head office.
If anyone can save the Leafs, by God, you can.


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  1. Embrace your inner geek. I love it! And hats off to Chris for sure. He made the day so much better amidst the Harpo cuts and all. Go Chris. You are waaay cool!