Monday, 13 May 2013

Canada, according to Anthony Bourdain

Chef and bon vivant Anthony Bourdain admits he's a French Canadian sympathizer.
He does have a French name after all.
But his recent piece on CNN about "Canada" was a little over the top even for him.
First, he chose to present to the CNN audience a picture of Canada that had nothing to do with our home and native land. Instead, it focused solely on the Quebec culture -- which would have been alright if it had been called Parts Unknown: Quebec.
The piece was entertaining fodder, following a group of Quebecois gourmands as they chowed their way through a series of artery clogging, heart stopping meals while lubricating themselves with expensive wines.
These blobs could give Epic mealtime a run for its money.
They frolicked through the countryside eating beaver stewing in its own plasma sauce. Then it was off to a hipster place to savor more organ meat, to a fishing hut and onto a Via Rail One club car.
Bordain included every cliche in the book. The foodies featured were hockey playing/watching, maple syrup clugging rubes dressed in comfy checkered shirts and sporting the French Canadian Medusa-inspired bedhead that the men are famous for.
It was Quebec culture at its worst.
All I can say is I'd hate to be the doctor who does their colonoscopies.
I didn't mind so much that Bourdain chose to feature this corner of Canada.
What I did mind was his history lesson in which he described the Quebecois as an oppressed nation, held under the thumb of the heartless English since Wolfe met Montcalm.
The Quebecois, Bourdain stated in whispered tones, were just waiting for their time to separate.
Those in Canada who think separatism is so yesterday are fools, he is told by a, ahem, separatist.
Jeez, Louis, I thought I was watching a John LeCarre thriller.
If the only militants Quebec can find to rise up against Canada to gain its rightful independence are these hooch swilling organ grinders, the nation is in serious trouble.
Seriously, dude, you need a fact checker.
If you haven't seen it, I present to you Canada, according to Anthony Bourdain.
Watch at your own risk.


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