Thursday, 25 April 2013

The journalism death star

Grandma, what's this, here in the box?
Why, it's a newspaper, Skylar.
Newspaper, what's that?
It was something people used to read usually in the morning with their coffee.
You mean, like their iPad?
Yep, exactly, except the words were printed on big sheets of paper that smelled like ink.
Who wrote the words, Grandma?
What were reporters?
They were writers who wrote stories about people and things that happened in the world.
What are writers?
Writers were people who shared their experiences by writing them down and people would read them.
On paper?
Yes, on paper.
Why would they do that, Grandma? That seems like a big waste of paper when all you have to do is turn on the computer or your iPad. And all the stories I know about I saw on television.
Yes, dear, I know, it sounds a bit old-fashioned. Like those books over there.
I know, Grandma, I keep telling my friends that you have books but they don't believe me. Nobody has books in their houses.
I know, Skylar, but I still believe in books. I visit with them from time to time.
I've even written a couple of books myself.
Oh, Grandma, you are so old!


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