Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Senator Patrick Brazeau: He's so 1970s

We heard yesterday that Senator Patrick Brazeau, the Canadian alter ego of Mickey Rourke, was resigning.
He didn't go to Senator LeBreton and tender his resignation.
He didn't send a letter to the prime minister.
In his oily style, he announced he was resigning...on Twitter.
Apparently, I'm told, it was an April Fool's prank.
More like a mewling cry for help or attention.
We have two words for the Brazman, as he likes to be called.
Grow up.
You disrespected your elders in the Senate by showing up for the vote to boot your sorry ass out of a place you rarely sat your bum down in the first place.
You -- allegedly -- served your girlfriend a can of whoopass, which landed you in jail. You -- allegedly -- lied about where you live to fleece the Canadian taxpayer.
Hence your expulsion from the Senate.
You -- allegedly -- made unwanted sexual advances towards your underlings while serving as head honcho at a major aboriginal organization. This after plying everyone with liquor.
Again, disrespecting your elders, and your people.
Senator Brazman, all due respect, but you don't deserve to blow smoke up the ass of Jimmy Munson.
You sir, are a douche bucket.
We were hoping you were serious about resigning your Senate seat.
Instead, you further disrespected Canadians by mocking them on Twitter.
You seriously need some schoolin'.
Inappropriate sexual behavior, not showing up for life, being a smart ass and a narcissist -- it's so 1970s.
Take some advice from my old friend, the late, great Doug Bennett.


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