Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Rear Window

You see this apartment building?
We live down the street from it.
The police are there sometimes twice a week. Ottawa fire, too.
Last year, we called the cops because the yahoo yelling on the right balcony was also lighting fire works right in the street on Canada Day.
And menacing, he's always menacing women and children who walk by.
See these guys by the car?
They were protecting the car while their boss went in.
You know they weren't up to good.
I watch them from my rear window each day, the place I sit to write my blog.
Sometimes I take pictures and send them to the police.
Let's call me Neighborhood Watch.
Last night, I saw pictures of this building on the local news.
It seems last spring and early summer, this building was a party palace housing sex slaves as young as 13 years old. Girls from my neighborhood, girls lured by Facebook into prostitution.
How did I not see that?
How did the cops not find them when they are at that building every single week?
Maybe they did, just forgot to tell us about it.
What a neighborhood.
What's ghastly about this whole enterprise is that it was, allegedly, conducted by teenage girls from the 'hood. Girls who should be playing basketball or getting their hair done.
I couldn't believe this was happening right under my nose.
The place is disgusting. It should be shut down. Or leveled like the Bernardo house.
The tenants should be evicted and it should be turned into a drycleaner.
To think, every day, a hundred kids walk by that building to make it to public school three blocks away.
My granddaughter might walk that street one day.
By the time Skylar goes to school, hopefully my son and his family will have moved.
But I make this promise on her pretty blonde head.
There will be no more activity like that in the tan building.
Not if I can help it.
Word, homies.
I'm watching you.

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