Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My husband has a job: No more video games!

Scott has been out of work for four months.
He quit his job because going there made him throw up in his mouth.
For four months, he's been job-hunting.
Nothing in his field.
No call backs, not even from McDonald's.
Yesterday, he decided to go back to doing what he's been doing for the past four years.
Selling cars.
He sent his resume out.
He got 15 call backs in less than two hours.
Got 15 job interviews.
Will start his new job on Saturday.
The man needs a job.
He hijacked my television for four months.
Played video games incessantly.
Chewed my ear off.
I now have my television back.
No more listening/watching to men with bad English accents, in questionable attire, offing monsters.
No more buying groceries with Air Miles from the liquor store.
There is peace in my time.
Groceries in my belly.
To celebrate, here's a video I think you'll enjoy.
I'll give you a cookie if you watch it all the way through.
Two if you figure it out.


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