Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Hey nerds! Let's play sports!

There is a new study from the geniuses at CHEO which says that kids should have one hour of exercise every day and they should limit their screen time to two hours.
I wonder how much the taxpayer paid for this study.
I could have told you this, if only you'd asked.
Did we need a study to tell us this?
Any mom could tell you that our kids are fat and lazy.
What I'd like to see is some kind of strategy to get the kids off the couch.
In my day, that strategy included a bull whip, lube and perhaps some brussel sprouts.
We live in a Pillsbury Dough Boy society where kids are coddled and entitled.
They are given every indulgence.
Just try to pry the controller out of a braindead kid's fingers. Just try it.
Kids aren't interested in exercise. They want others to do it for them, as in soldiers and ninjas.
So how are we supposed to enforce this?
Come on, Johnny, let's go to the park.
To do what?
Let's throw a ball around.
You throw a ball around.
No you.
No you.
I put my kids in tennis camp every year. What did they like the best?
The snack bar.
They were in badminton, swimming, soccer, skating, baseball, basketball, skiing, etc., etc.
Which activities did they pursue as teenagers?
Pot smoking. Cigarette smoking. Shoplifting. Hair dying. Piercing.
And video games. Lots and lots of video games.
The only kids who like sports are jocks.
Just like every other generation.
I'm all for exercise. I do it myself.
I encourage my son to take his daughter to the park.
But you can't force kids to go outside and get skin cancer.
Unless, maybe, you bribe them with a new video game.


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