Friday, 1 March 2013

Stephen Harper needs to repopulate the trough

I have a little test -- it's called a mini-cognition test --that doctors can give to their patients to determine whether they have dementia. It's a simple test (see above) that's a jewel for anybody concerned about a loved one's mental state.

Friends of Tom Flanagan might want to administer this test.

What other explanation could there be for someone like Flanagan to commit professional suicide as he did this week? Even child molesters or pornographers would be hard pressed to state, at least in public, that those who watch, collect, and capture children in various poses and states of undress aren't deviants. Those who declare so rarely pass their parole hearings.

If Flanagan passes the mini-cog, then this is further evidence that something is wrong in the State of Harperland which in the last few years has become chockablock with whoreing, thieving, conniving hangers-on. I suspect it has more to do with the longevity of Harper's reign. It happened to the Liberals, too, after having been in power too long. Ditto Mulroney.

Remember Chretien's buddy with the golf course?

Erstwhile supporters begin to show their true colors and nature.

They become needy, greedy and apparently nuts.

We come to expect the trough to start to steam after a while, but one would think Harper might be able to repopulate it with fresh pigs and cows.

However, Harper's taste in friends appears to be getting worse.

The whole senatorial curfuffle has been pretty distracting of late with Harper on his haunches defending Penelope Pitstop and the Duffster while throwing the Bratman under the wheels of the Parliamentary green bus.

Only Mac Harb -- a Chretien honcho -- is not associated with Harper.

His ministers are getting sloppy, too, writing bizarre notes to judges and agencies. Don't even get me started on Chopper McKay.

 And that other guy, the former advisor with the 12-year-old wife who tried to fleece the government. What was his name again?

Clearly, Harper needs new friends.

Perhaps part of the appointment process would be to administer the mini-cog to everybody.


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