Saturday, 30 March 2013

Rogers: We are never getting back together -- ever

I have been a Rogers cable/internet/homephone/wireless customer for more than two decades.
Until a couple of years ago, I was relatively happy with Rogers, the company.
I didn't bother Rogers. Rogers didn't bother me.
But this week, I am officially severing all ties with Rogers.
I've gone back and forth on this.
I've tried switching some services and keeping others.
But it's finally over.
The issues are many. The company's pre-billing process is outrageous.
Their added charges are something akin to a back door virus that eats up your wallet.
And trying to get rid of Rogers borders on mission impossible.
Rogers is still hounding my daughter for money years after she severed ties with the company.
I've heard similar stories from other law-abiding communications loving Canadians.
Enough is enough.
Our last and final beef is with cellphone charges.
The kids had a couple of smart phones and tried to cancel and they were told it would cost them thousands of dollars. If we keep the phones and leave them dead, it will still cost at least a hundred dollars a month.
So we've decided to bite the bullet, pull the plug, slip on the banana and pay the penalites.
I figure we'll still be into the late Ted Rogers' pocket when the baby Skylar enters kindergarten.
Fair enough.
It's worth it to see the backend of this greedy company which employs a variety of people to lie to you. One helpful call agent makes a  deal with you, and the damned other call agent keeps badgering you.
They're sweet to your face and fuck you up the ass when you're not looking.
Phones get cut off. Charges are piled on.
Canada used to be known as the most wired country in the world. We were ahead of our time.
Now we are being played for suckers.
I can't friggin' stand it.
I'm making a prediction.
One bright Tuesday morning, we will all wake up and the CRTC will have realized that cellphones shouldn't cost this much. Ditto Internet. Ditto cable.
When we finally get de-regulation in this country, companies like Rogers and Bell Media will be left with empty office space. The upper management will be packaged.
Thousands of call agents will be looking for jobs.
Shareholders will scream like they're the victims of a colonoscopy gone badly.
Meanwhile, other providers will swoop in with cheap phones, cable, Internet.
And Ted Rogers' legacy will be that he screwed the Canadian consumer once too often.
Remember, Teddy Boy, most people like to get kissed before they get fucked.
Drop your prices? Create cheaper bundles?
Tell your story walking.
And we will get you, Ted Rogers and all your rich children, too.
We are never, ever, getting back together.
This is for you, Ted.


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