Thursday, 14 March 2013

Marc Garneau: He shoulda been a contender

Upon hearing the news that Marc Garneau blasted off from the Liberal leadership race, I glumly posted the following tweet.
"Great, now who are we supposed to vote for? I've never even heard of Joyce Murray."
Faster than you can say space poop, I received a tweet from Murray's campaign asking me to read her platform and consider supporting her.  I thanked them for their pitch, then pressed delete.
Does this make me a bad person?
As a long-time lapsed Liberal, a person who once gazed starrily into the aura of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, I don't have the interest, heart or energy to brush up on all things Joyce Murray.
Fact is, the woman is seven percent in the polls, compared to Justie who has already scooped up two-thirds of the registered Liberal votes.
Like Marc Garneau, I can read the tea leaves.
I could easily jump on the Justie bandwagon, but I won't.
I'm not voting for him. He doesn't need my vote.
He's already driving top-down through the sudsy carwash of Liberal adoration.
It's so darned predictable.
Liberals are like Charlie Sheen.
They are not concerned about anything but WINNING.
It's not that I have anything against Justie. He's smart and handsome and has a nice family.
But he's not his dad, that's for sure.
He is a mile wide and an inch thick. Anybody can see that.
As someone pointed out in the Huffington Post today, he's the beauty queen while Marc Garneau was always going to be Miss Congeniality.
I can't get hot and bothered about politics anymore.
And I can't get active in the Liberal Party because it's same old, same old.
The Party always defaults to what is easiest and that bugs me.
Marc Garneau has had a lot of time to think things through. He's been to space.
He has seen Canada from the God position and that changes a man.
It makes him understand that life is precious and it could be gone in an instant.
So he's not wasting one more breath on people who only care about winning and not about the issues that really count in this country.
Too bad for us.
He shoulda been a contender.

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