Friday, 15 March 2013

Mammogram: Pancakes for breakfast!

I'm going for a mamm scan today.
Wish me luck.
I had a mammogram -- they should really spell it MamaGram -- and ultrasound six months ago and the radiologist thought he saw something. They took pictures from all sides -- man, with the size of my breasts wouldn't it be wild if they did this in 3D?
Anyhoo, they couldn't definitely find anything, so I'm going back for another blast of rays.
I'm okay with it.
What's great about the Ottawa Hospital's breast health program is that they let you know right away if there are demons lurking in the old milk ducts. I got to go home with a clean bill last time.
Hope for the same today.
I used to worry about these things, wring my hands for days before the procedure, lay awake at night with the "what if?" scenarios. I don't anymore.
I told Scott last night it's like worrying whether your husband is cheating on you.
If he is, there's nothing you can do about it until you see lipstick on the collar.
One good thing is that if there is something, it will be caught early.
It took me years but I'm finally with the program.
There's nothing to be scared about.
Ignoring it, that's what's scary.
Brenda, I'm talking to you!!

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