Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday: Give it up for Jesus!


I haven't been much of a Christian in my life, but I do believe in Jesus.
He was a good dude. And a good son.
He taught his Father to be a better God.
Imagine before Jesus came, played by Kris Kristofferson, the world was in the hands of Moses, played by Charlton Heston. If Cecil B. deMille were to be believed, Moses was a bit of an ass, like Charlton Heston. A control freak.
I mean, you don't see modern musicals made about Moses.
Jesus, on the other hand, was dope. He lived among the poor. He whipped up a whole mess of vittles when there were none.
He liked everybody, even the hoes. Maybe especially the hoes.
The disciples weren't great prizes, let's face it. They were a motley crew, some misguided, others downright mean. Some were better than others.
But Jesus didn't care.
He treated them all equally.
I can't imagine being able to forgive somebody who ratted me like Judas did.
That's why Jesus is better than the rest of us.
The whole cross thing, for me, would be too much to bear. You have to really love your Dad to do that for him.
It's not like washing the car for him, or helping him with yard work.
Thankfully, everything worked out for Jesus because he listened to his Dad.
He lives forever in the hearts of billions, even those who don't sit on shiny thrones and wear gamin robes.
That's because Jesus is for everybody who has a pure heart. Even if the person is a drunk or an addict. Or a little child.
Jesus is not like other role models.
He didn't ink million dollar sponsorship deals. He never used performance enhancing drugs.
He didn't go on national television and give away a bunch of his "favorite things," like cars and designer soap and encourage mass consumption in the name of his Dad. His favorite things couldn't be bought in a store or online.
He was just a guy standing in front of a world of sinners asking them to love him.
Jesus has taught us a lot.
He taught us tolerance in the face of bullies, empathy in the midst of ignorance. Oh yes, he also taught us you can't find faith in a building, or by putting a few toonies in the collection plate.
Thanks, J.C.
I will think of you today and spend time with my family.
And I'll crank up the stereo and listen to Johnny Cash instead of going to church.

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