Friday, 8 March 2013

Galen Weston: We ain't buying what you're selling

Once again, Galen Weston is in our faces, wearing his blue cashmere sweater and $200 hair cut, telling us all about what a health nut he is.

He's pushing Loblaw's Blue Menu products, the ones that have fewer preservatives and artificial colors, less salt and reduced calories. And it's all in the name of reducing ill health and obesity in this country.


As a grocery baron, Weston shares much of the blame for causing obesity and ill health. The vast number of things we buy in his grocery store are edibles with ingredients you can't pronounce. The meat is full of additives. The fruit is lacquered with waxy substances that allow you to still gnaw on them weeks later.

How does he have the audacity to sell his shit for sunshine on national television?

What he's sellin' on television, we ain't buyin.

We're still loading up on chips, salted caramel ice cream, Kraft dinner and Campbell's soup.

Blue Menu might be healthier, but it's also more expensive.

Want to do something for Canadians, Galen?

Buy local.

Lower the prices on fresh food.

Pay your staff a living wage.

Get rid of the middle aisles and go back to being a green grocer.

Otherwise, don't try to convince us you care about our health.

All you care about is the bottom line.


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