Wednesday, 20 March 2013

CTV Ottawa: Eric's back

Methinks the viewers have created a stir because CTV Ottawa seems to have rehired Eric Longley.
The former weather guy who got the boot, along with a number of well-loved radio and television personalities at joints owned by Bell Media, resurfaced yesterday as a reporter!
We are happy to see Eric back.
He's a great guy and hard-working fellow and he's from the Prairies.
Besides, unlike a lot of other broadcast thingies, the guy doesn't have his ego charred into his forehead.
And there's even bigger news.
The Disco girl must have got the hint because she's toned down her outfits.

Now she no longer clashes with the weather screen.
Also, she's not wearing Lululemon camel toe!
Plus, she's reduced the product in her hair, meaning less global warming.
Thanks, CTV Ottawa.
Now just bring back Corey Ginther and we're good.


  1. He's back? NO!!!

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