Sunday, 10 March 2013

Canadians rise up: Time to take back our comedy

In the wake of the international incident involving BEN AFFLECK and Argo, Canadians received another slap last night.
Saturday Night Live inaugurated its Five Time Host Award, complete with smoking jacket, private club and pin and it was full of American comics.
That's right, ladies and germs, there were no Canadian members.
Well, there were two Canadians in the room-- Dan Ackroyd and Martin Short -- but they were, wait for it, The Help.
Yes, indeedy, the former Blue Bro was tending bar while the former Ed Grimley served up snacks.
And unlike the American comics, everytime they opened their mouths, they killed.
Of course they did.
So that's how you're going to play it, eh?
Lorne "turncoat" Michaels.
Making Canadians the stinky kids.
Well let me tell you Americans something.
We Canadians will not stand to be ignored.
It's time we stood up and counted all the thousands of indentured comics who slave away in your comedy rooms.
It's time Canada took back its comedy.
We will take to Twitter to denounce you.
Dig up Louis B. Mayer and Mary Pickford.
Call in Norm Macdonald's green card. (Sorry, bad choice.)
Because you have chosen to take this stand, America, we will shut down the border.
We will not let you come to Canada and strip mine our comedy clubs for your own enjoyment.
Do not toy with us.
We are Canadians.
And we bite.

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