Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Trudeau may not be middle class but at least he has some

I'm looking on Wikipedia to find evidence that Martha Hall Findlay has more understanding of what it's like to be middle-class than Justin Trudeau.
Let's see: she grew up at the base of a ski hill in Blue Mountain, became a Canadian ski champeen, and graduated high school at 15.
She went to "Toronto French School".
She went to the University of Toronto where she studied law while also owning two stores. Since then she's practised international and high tech law.
I don't see too much middle class about that.
It says, though, that she had to work her way through law school as a waitress. Justin Trudeau was a bouncer, so they have that in common.
Which brings me to my point.
Martha Hall Findlay should shut her gob about being more middle class than Justin Trudeau. She isn't middle class. She's a lawyer married to rich guy.
So don't call Justin Trudeau out for not being middle class. That's like calling him out because he's not a girl.
Truth is, the Liberal Party leadership has never, ever, been won by somebody from the middle class.
You don't see Joe Lunchbucket up there on the stage spending millions trying to reach the brass ring. Heck, Joe Lunch Bucket is still in the basement fixing his own toilet.
Nobody expects the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada to be a middle class schlub like the rest of us.
We don't want a loser as our Prime Minister.
We expect the Liberal leader to be a successful, attractive, well-spoken, bilingual, well-dressed, university educated person who can read a balance sheet. We want a Liberal leader who isn't dodging calls from collection agencies, bailiffs and ex-girlfriends/boyfriends. Perhaps the new leader would have been in a sportbar, but we don't want that leader to frequent sports bars.
We want the leader to pay at least as much tax as we earn.
Call Justin Trudeau a flake. Call him smarmy. But don't call him out for not being middle class.
And you, Martha Hall Findlay should be careful the glass house doesn't shatter when you slam the door behind you.

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