Sunday, 10 February 2013

Patrick Brazeau: Man of Mystery

Do you think the media is being hard on Senator Patrick Brazeau?
Aside from focusing on allegations that he's a wife beater, a child-abandoner and a mysogenist, in addition to being a bad boxer. And calling Chief Theresa Spence fat. Ouch!
I'm not talking about his personal life, which is a shambles.
I'm talking about his work as a member of the Senate of Canada.
So I decided to take a journey into the heart of darkness, into the very chamber itself, the place that pays the good Senator a six-figure salary. We know he has been censured for not showing up much in the Senate, but surely that's because he's working on behalf of his constituency.
So I looked at his personal, Senatorial, website. (
Hmm. Well, he got off to a good start in February, 2009, with his first maiden speech in the Senate.
Added a bit of eye candy to that smelly and musty old box of chocholates.
And he gave us a few bon mots --six -- congratulating winners of writing contests and other prizes. There was a statement about violence against aboriginal women right before the Christmas parties started in '09.
Check, check.
But that's, unfortunately, when he appeared to lose interest.
Not a single posting of activity for the years 2010, 2011, 2012.
He did write six blog posts in 2010.
I suppose that's something.
And to be fair, he does still sit on a couple of Senate committees -- human rights and aboriginal affairs -- so that's something. And there was that boxing match with Justin Trudeau -- he had to take some time to prepare for that.
But not much.
So...if he wasn't taking time to sit through the boredom in the Senate, being the worst of attendees with an absenteeism record of 25 percent of the 72 sittings, and he wasn't communicating with his constituents, where did all the time go?
He wasn't in Maniwaki spending time with his constituents.
People there say they haven't seen him in years even though he claims to live there.
Perhaps he was in Vegas on some sort of Hangover deal.
Maybe at the Lac Leamy Casino with Father Joe.
Or in Mexico, I hear Senators like Mexico.
It's a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

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