Thursday, 7 February 2013

Let's Talk: No let's not

Trying not to be cynicial -- who me? -- I decided to follow up on Bell Media's "Let's Talk" request that is being splashed all over its monopolized media these days.
We have a lot to talk about when it comes to mental health. In my own family, we have addiction, ADHD, personality disorder, general anxiety disorder, post-partum depression and depression of the old fashioned kind.
In other words, we cover the waterfront.
So I wanted to follow Bell's lead and connect. Learn. Understand.
Ah, but I cannot do so.
That is because my phone allegiance belongs to Fido and I don't know anyone, not a single living, breathing human, who has a Bell phone.
The whole February 12th thing is about texting on Bell. If you do so, Bell will donate five cents for every text you send.
Oh wait. We can also see some sort of town hall on CTV supper hour programs.
But town halls are people talking out.
What do we have to do to talk in?
I wonder if we're in the middle of sweeps.
To my mind, this whole "Let's Talk" thing is a cynical marketing ploy to get more marketshare for Bell Media.
Like they need it.
I have news for them.
If it is sweeps and those town halls are on, I think most of us will be changing the channel.

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