Tuesday, 29 January 2013

It's time we banned "first" from the CP Style Guide

Columnists like Margaret Wente are shouting from the editorial pages about the fact we have now have a person with a vagina in the Premier's office in Ontario.
They point out that the provincial club of living dolls has grown to six and we'd better watch out.
There are a bunch of new bitches in town, warn the wags.
It's like the Dixie Chicks invaded the White House.
As a long time journalist, I've covered my share of "firsts". First female rowing coach. First female cop. First female construction worker (I'm not kidding).
I was sick of it back then and I'm sick of the whole business now.
I've been around long enough to remember Iona Campagnolo, Judy Erola and Monique Begin at the federal level.
Sure they weren't the top dogs but they were a tough bunch of old broads with hefty portfolios back in the Trudeau cabinet.
And Joyce Fairbairn was running things behind the scenes.
You could have asked Bert. (The nickname Joyce gave to Trudeau. She named him after her dog.)
My how the hounds would howl when Iona Winnebago put on a jogging suit as Minister of Sport. Or they'd snear at Judy's last name because it rhymed with, you know.
There have been women in politics for four and five decades around the world. Remember Margaret Thatcher? They didn't call her the Iron Lady for nothing.
We are so God damned pedestrian in this country that the fact a politician has a vagina takes on national significance. It's as if all we women are responsible if that female politician turns out to be a dud.
And now it's not just the vagina, but how the politican uses that vagina that has taken on some kind of national importance.
We have a lesbian premier, don't you know?
So what?
We've had gay premiers before. Richard Hatfield made no secret of the fact he liked to play on his own team. He would regularly invite the more handsomer boys in the Gallery back to his suite during First Minister's Conferences for a doobie and a nice glass of Single Malt.
Nobody wrote about that.
It makes not a speck of difference if Kathleen Wynne is a lesbian.
Just as it makes no difference that Dalton McGuinty, as a Catholic, practised contraception.
With apologies to Bert, "the State has no business in the bedrooms of the premiers."
What matters is what's in her head.
She's already stated that she's not a gay rights activist.
She's just a bloody politician like the rest of them.
So let's get over ourselves, shall we?
It's time we banned "first" from the CP Style guide.

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