Friday, 18 January 2013

Deb Coyne: Liberals just aren't that into you

I was thinking about Deborah Coyne, the wispy little Liberal leadership candidate.
She's a constitutional lawyer. Like we need a constitutional lawyer right now.
She's the cousin of AndrewCoyne, the columnist who is probably playing that down in his biography. And she's the ex-wife of Michael Valpy.
Still don't know her?
She's the little self-confessed booty call of Pierre Elliott Trudeau when he was, like, a hundred. As a result of this Black Eyed Pea-type relationship, she is the mother of his youngest child.
Yep. That Deborah Coyne.
What a nightmare for a campaign director.
Also a woman who never got her copy of He's Just Not that Into You.
Now she's written a tell-all about her pathetic attempt to marry the Great Man who basically told her up front that He Just Wasn't Into Her.
On this basis, she is running for the Liberal Leadership.
I met Deborah briefly back in the good ole Liberal days. She was a policy wonk in John Turner's PMO. And you know how well that went.
Didn't make an impression then. Making the wrong impression now.
All I can say is that judgment is a big part of being a leader.
Bringing out a book talking about fucking an old guy just makes us think "go old guy".
Doesn't say much about her as a candidate.
Hey Deborah!
Hope you haven't filed your nomination papers.
Just like PET, the Liberal Party just isn't into you.

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