Saturday, 22 December 2012

Sophie the French Canadian Snow Pug

The Ikea monkey's mom should have considered a pug.
The little pug currently having a gnaw on Finnigan the retriever has a monkey face and would look fabulous in a shearling coat. I might suggest re-homing the coat as we would be tickled to have it on Sophie for her walks at the dog park.
As all of my Facebook friends know by now, I got Sophie as an early Christmas present. She was a rescue from an Octomom in Buckingham. The lady got Sophie three weeks ago -- allegedly paid a grand for her -- and then discovered she was preggers again, knocked up by the handyman in the slippers, at least that's what I reckon.
A part of me thinks this whole thing was a scam. The woman claimed Sophie was a purebred, five months old, and I've had enough purebreds to know that the breeders will take them back rather than see their prized canines handed off to someone who might make money breeding puggles or some such. Also, Sophie had no papers. We didn't ask for them, frankly, as I could have cared less.
Scam or no scam, the deal was sealed when we got in the car for the hour ride into the middle of casse croute country.
One look at that tiny masked face and I was done for.
Sophie is tiny, like a preemie, only about two or three pounds. She has a proper nose, not like the airhole that champion pugs call noses. She doesn't weeze, she doesn't spatter, she doesn't shake and shimmy like a purebred. And she's smart -- coaxed off the pee pads she's been trained on and tossed out in the snow with the rest of my brood.
Soh is also feisty. She's already a match for Finnigan who has 90 pounds on her. I watched the two of them chase around a toy yesterday, playing tug-of-war endlessly with Sophie being tossed around like a rag doll. She adored it and so did Finn. She also sleeps through the night, no pacing, draped over my head like a hat.
In short, Sophie Tucker is awesome.
Our first foray into the forest came with mixed results. She didn't like it and spent most of the time tucked into Scott's jacket but by the end of it all she was starting to realize that snow might, just might, be a little bit of fun.
We'll see.
In any case, I'm in love.
And I always want to be in love at Christmas.


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