Sunday, 30 December 2012

My time on the escalator of life

I've been noticing something weird lately.
Lots of people say that time goes really, really fast when you start to get old.
My experience is the opposite.
That's because I work at home.
When I worked in an office, the weeks flew by. You couldn't get to your holidays fast enough and they were over in the blink of an eye.
When you work at home, time creeps along in its petty pace, as Bill Shakespeare used to say.
He must have been a home office worker.
Each day begins exactly the same. I let the dogs out, then I feed them, then I get go to the gym or take the dogs for a walk. Then I get down to work for a couple of hours. Then it's lunch time. I put on the noon news on CTV Ottawa which always has some lame business that it's trying to promote.
But I watch it.
Every single day.
Then it's afternoon naptime.
Then it's suppertime.
Then it's wine time. Then it's bed.
See? It never changes.
But the weird part is that despite time rolling along at its petty pace, signifying nothing, the world goes really fast.
Like Target.
It seemed like it would be eons before Target finally arrived in Ottawa.
Now I hear it will be open in March.
And people. I could have sworn a certain person died last year. Turns out it was six years ago.
Where did the time go?
Guess I'm getting old. I must be getting old at a slower pace than everybody else.
I feel like I'm on an escalator and the rest of the world travels by jumbo jet.

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