Monday, 26 November 2012

Rob Ford: Biggest Snap-on in the toolbox

Rob Ford is an idiot.
He roughs up reporters.
He reads while driving.
And now, he’s been punted from office for blatantly ignoring the rules.
If politics were a work shed, Rob Ford would be the biggest tool in the box.
Where do we get these guys, the Rob Fords and Ottawa’s Larry O’Brien, the self-professed “swinging dick”? And why on Earth do the good people elect them to office?
Once, I heard, the City of London ran a dog for Mayor and he almost won.
The problem is people don’t take municipal politics seriously because they don’t consider most of the issues earth-shattering. Mayors don’t declare war. Mayors are preoccupied with light transit and garbage, right?
No exactly accurate.
The fact is mayors and councils have more control over your life than the Prime Minister.
That’s because everything they touch – roads, garbage, welfare, libraries, police services, fire services, care for the elderly and those with disabilities – is local.
So it’s about time that Canadians started paying attention during municipal elections so that the local beer fart doesn’t get elected. Anybody can run for mayor if they have enough money and the “big machine” – that’s how dolts like Ford and O’Brien get elected.
But it’s because they have these big friends that they get themselves into huge trouble. They owe people and people come to collect. Unlike the other garbage collectors who are actually employed by our cities.
So next time, Toronto, stop whining about what a shitty mayor you elected and pay attention.
Find out whose bum you’re putting in that chair.
There only so many do-overs in this life.
This is a public service announcement sponsored by Rose Simpson, the chair for the Stop Stupidity Before It Starts Campaign.
I’m Rose Simpson and I approved this message.

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