Thursday, 29 November 2012

Liberal Leadership: We need a hero not Prince Charming

As expected, many of us are already getting tired of Justin Trudeau.

Already, his words have come back to haunt him.

Anybody who has any sense of this country knows that if politician wants English Canadians to vote for him, he shouldn't go around dissing them. Albertans are fine, upstanding , hard-working people who deserve your respect. There are just as many fine, upstanding, hard-working people in Alberta as there are in Quebec.

Maybe more.  

In Alberta, you don’t see half the politicians going to jail for fraud, do you?

Corruption is part of the political process in Quebec. That corruption bled into federal politics when Quebecers were in charge.

The whole sponsorship thing Рremember Chuck Guit̩? Рwas all about Quebec politicians and bureaucrats funneling money into the slimy pockets of Quebec ad executives.

So, Justin, stop bad mouthing Albertans.

Stop talking up Quebec.

The rest of Canada doesn’t want to hear it.

There are other reasons I don’t like Justin.

It’s not just what he’s saying, it’s how he says it.

Justin has a smarminess to him, that crooked smile that says, “there, there, it will be alright. Pierre’s son is here to save the day.”

That’s not enough.

We, Canadians have one question.

Where’s the beef?

We want a serious candidate for Prime Minister, Justin.

Not a guy who pals around with Seamus O’Regan sipping red wine on white linen. Not a guy who gets in on his father’s coat tails.

And certainly not a guy who thinks he’s better than the rest of us.

We want fairness and respect for all Canadians.

That’s why I’ll be in Marc Garneau’s corner of the big bad Liberal fight ring.

Marc Garneau is bilingual.

Marc Garneau is a seasoned veteran.

Marc Garneau wasn’t afraid to wet his pants in space.

Now that’s a real man.

We need a race not a coronation.

We need a leadership that’s about ideas, not platitudes.

We need a hero.

We don’t need Prince Charming.


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