Monday, 12 November 2012

It's Remembrance Day: Time to shop!

I just got back from the Starbucks and it was a friggin'  car wash.
It's always busy before 9 a.m. and so we thought we'd wait and go a little later.
Didn't matter.
The line snaked out the door and if Scott didn't desperately need a Vente Bold Black, I'd have been outta there.
Sorry if I'm snarkey this morning, but there's nothing worse than going to the dog park and not being able to find a parking spot. Today, the line was down the road with dog owning SUVs and their precious little red coated foo foo doggies waddling down the road. Today, we saw a couple with two dogs who looked suspiciously like Bernese Mountain Dogs, without all the fluff. Turns out they were Swiss Mountain Dogs, according to the snooty owners.
Welcome to Black Monday which really is Remembrance Day in Canada.
It's the day when all the federal and municipal public servants get the day off while their kids are babysat in provincial schools which are forced to stay open.
It's the biggest shopping day of the year in my neck of the woods.
Instead of people visiting Cenotaphs, they are bulking up on Christmas goodies at Costco.
Why do we let this happen?
Today isn't Remembrance Day -- the ceremonies were all yesterday -- so why do the people who work on our tax dollars get the day off?
It's not a holiday. It's not a tag sale day. It's a national day of mourning, a time remember those who lost their lives defending our freedom.
I think it's horrible that veterans don't get their mail on Remembrance Day.
But then, they don't help getting buried anymore either.
It's not respectful to shop on Remembrance Day. The stores should be closed.
And it's not helpful to give people a paid day off when the rest of us have to work.
Let's have a compromise.
Let public servants get the day off if Remembrance Day actually falls on a work day.
On one condition.
Make them get their wrists stamped at a ceremony someplace and make them take their God damned kids.
Prove to us, public servants, that you spent the day reflecting on the work veterans do.
Otherwise keep out of the dog park and my local Starbucks, put down the shopping bags and get back to work.

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