Thursday, 8 November 2012

Diane Sawyer: Disney too cheap to bring in relief pitchers

Everybody stop picking on Diane Sawyer.
Okay, she's got a lovely face and honey locks, but she's not perfect.
It appears she was seeing hefalumps and woozels on the air during ABC's election special. But the poor girl had probably been up for 72 hours.
And she is a pensioner, not some spring chicken like, like, Soledad O'Brien.
I don't think Diane Sawyer was drunk.
I think Diane Sawyer was punch drunk.
Lack of sleep can make a person delirious.
If you want to blame anybody, blame Disney which owns ABC.
Disney is reportedly amongst the worst -- and cheapest -- employers on the planet.
So what Disney does is use its resources to the max to save money.
They did this all summer. After the cancellation of The Revolution, ABC/Disney forced Lara Spencer and Josh Elliott to do double duty by working the break of dawn shift then coming back in the afternoon to do another truly awful show. Both of them always appeared drunk.
The day of the election, Diane Sawyer was on every ABC daytime show flogging their election special -- after having covered Hurricane Sandy for days.
So please forgive her for being a little loopy.
She's a New Yorker.
She probably doesn't have power. Heck she probably hasn't taken a shower in weeks and they use that dreadful dry shampoo to make her look presentable.
If Diane had her druthers, she'd probably be taking a nice hot bath.
But Disney put her out there.
Come on, Diane, Disney said. Take on for the team.
Anderson would.
Why can't you be more like Anderson?
Look, Anderson Cooper does this cause he wants to. He has 55 shows and still wants more facetime.
He's addicted to Honey Boo Boo.
Clearly Anderson Cooper has no life.
And he's half Diane's age.
But Disney doesn't care.
Disney even had Barbara Walters up until 2 a.m. then put her back on the air the next morning.
Barbara Walters is 83.
And she has a friggin' heart condition.
Barbara Walters was dog tired as a result and it showed. She tried to interview Ricky Gervais on The View and she couldn't talk. Ricky Gervais told her to shut up. Then Barbara did a hoola dance.
Dear president of ABC/Disney.
Let these poor girls get some shut eye before you put them on air.
Let them go home at 3 p.m. for a nap at least.
They may be powerhouses but they are only human.
And you, sir, are too cheap to bring in relief pitchers.

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