Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Coward Dalton McGuinty

Remember the story from the last provincial election when the McGuinty brothers showed up at a house on Alta Vista drive? It's a real knee slapper.
The home owner took one look at the brothers, pointed to David and said: "You, come on up here."
He then turned to Dalton: "You, get off my lawn."
After McGuinty's performance last night, I see the gentleman's point. He better not come onto my lawn any time soon, lest he feel the warm blood oozing from his calf after I sick Finnigan on him.
What an ass..
The coward Dalton McGuinty.
It's a good title for a western.
I voted for McGuinty over the past decade. I let his followers put a sign on my lawn. Today, if I see him, I'll want to punch him in the face which is exactly the sentiment most MPPs must be feeling today.
When your party members, just a month before, give you an 85 percent endorsement as their leader even though you've dragged them down into the depths of electoral hell, you need to have their back. You keep on going, stand up like a man and take the drubbing the opposition gives you.
I mean, why did he even bother running in the last election?
My friend Roger called last night, in shock, and asked what I thought.
I said the whole thing reminded me of Mulroney and Trudeau who left their parties then watched the rout. They both hung around until they smelled bad, too long for Canadians to stomach them for another minute. As a result, their parties came to experience the effects of the political nuclear winter.
Only the situation with McGuinty is worse. He didn't just walk away from a party long past its best before date. He didn't just screw his party members. He screwed all the other people who believed in him: teachers, docs, firefighters, government employees. He let the bandits get their hands in the provincial cookie jars and wasted a bunch of our money on questionable files such as eHealth (hello! An idiot could have made e-Health a success), substandard medicopters, power plants and WIND MILLS!
Well, at least we have another full year of kindergarten to look forward to. Thanks Terri!
The Ontario political landscape is a mess alright. And what does Daltie do?
"Thanks folks, time to go. It's Frank Miller time!"
When the heat got too hot in the kitchen, when the opposition started chewing on his boots, when the bad deals struck too close to home, he announced he was circumventing the democratic process (Stephen Harper come on down!) proroguing the legislative session so as to avoid some near criminal embarrassment over power plant deals. And other cool stuff.
What a douche!
Okay, you want to ride off into the sunset? No biggie.
 Don't let the big oak door hit you on your boney ass on your way out.  After all, there will always be those waiting in the wings hoping for the top job. Greg Sorbara is always available. Maybe Bob Rae could make a come back.
But thumbing your nose at the electorate, well that's something else.
Word, Dalton: The democracy-loving people of Ontario, the kids who no longer can play basketball, the doctors who are looking south for better jobs, the rest of us who still can't find work, we will not forget you anytime soon.
Hallowe'en is coming up. I have a basket full of eggs from the Farmer's Market...and I know where  you live.
You've written your legacy, pal, on the backs of the people of Ontario.
All I can say is we all like to get kissed before we get fucked.
Good riddance.
Best of luck in the political afterlife.
Hope you're not planning on applying for a union job.

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