Friday, 12 October 2012

Argo: Ben Affeck is a douche

Once again, the Americans are rewriting history.
Ben Affleck's new blowjob, Argo, gives nearly full credit to the CIA for saving the hostages who were captured in Iran 32 years ago, when in fact, it was the Canadian ambassador Ken Taylor and his crew who were the real heroes.
Apparently, Ken Taylor was not even invited to the screening of Argo at the Toronto International Film Festival, even though he was in Toronto at the time.
Guess we know why.
Ken Taylor is pissed at Ben Affleck and Canadians should be pissed at him, too.
After much pressure, Affleck added a postscript to the film saying that Canadians were the real heroes, well, mostly.
Just proves what a douche Ben Affleck is.


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