Wednesday, 26 September 2012

TMN or SuperChannel: The couch potato debates

Every fall, Scott and I have the same discussion about pay television.
We wonder if getting the VIP package from Rogers cable with TMN and HBO is worth the hundred bucks. We love our Dexter and Nurse Jackie, we adore In Treatment; True Blood and Bill Maher not so much.
But watching the Emmys the other night got me wondering why we're missing apparently the two greatest shows on television -- Homeland and Boss, starring Kelsey Grammar.
We get hundreds of channels but not the bloody channels that carry the greatest shows on television. To get these shows, we would have either invest another hundred bucks in SuperChannel, which would be insane, or switch. We're not going to do either because we've tried SuperChannel and it pretty much sucks except for carrying the two greatest shows on television.
Recently, we added NetFlix to our entertainment portfolio and we found that there are an amazing number of television shows we've missed altogether up the dial. In the last two weeks, we've become riveted to Damages and Arrested Development. We can't wait to sample some of the other older shows on NetFlix -- all for eight bucks a month! Or is it?
The Bell Canada cable bill has suddenly increased by about thirty bucks because we're using more bandwith because we're downloading NetFlix off our PlayStation. Unbeknownst to us, Bell Canada has been bleeding us for NetFlix, which now costs us extra on the Internet.
I dream of the day when cheap television finally comes to Canada when you can just buy the ten or so channels you want and get rid of Honey Boo Boo and the Cake Boss forever. I am tired of paying Rogers cable half my grocery money for a lot of crap I don't want to watch. And I'm sick of having to pay $20 for each episode of Dexter or Nurse Jackie because there's nothing else I want to watch on TMN.
Please, can someone bring some sanity to the couch potato debate?

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