Saturday, 29 September 2012

Time for a little Justin

Well, isn't it interesting that Justin Trudeau's image was plastered on the cover of the Globe and Mail today while other newspapers spilled much ink on why the Liberals should resist a coronation.
It's the passive-agressive nature of Canada's media to look for prophets and visionaries hoist them up on a pedestal only to later claw them down and serve their livers with nice wine and a salad.
Funny, it happens more in Canada than in many other places.
Led by an often immature and shallow media we here in Canada are quick to tire of our leaders and want to toss them out of office before they can get their shoes shined and their locks shorn by the Parliamentary barbers.
Part of the problem is that our leaders, of late, have been alienating figures. Stephen Harper is hard to love and doesn't even try to appear nice. Tom Mulcair is brooding and has the looks of a Heathcliffe on the moor. And Bob Rae is just, well, kind of weird.
Enter Justin Trudeau with his great looks, metrosexual demeanor and handsome family. He's just missing his famous father's swagger. A lot of people think he's shallow. He's not an economist or lawyer, just a guy who used to teach drama and champion kids who wanted to make a difference in the world.
Many Tories will rightly point out that his father was no economist, either, and didn't give a damn for job creation strategies, deficit slaying or natural resource management.
Trudeau was no bean counter. Like him or not, he was a visionary.
In the minds and hearts of his followers, he was a near-religious figure, a man with a mission to make us better people living in a utopian just and bilingual society. Of course, like most visionaries, Old Trudeau wasn't very realistic, definitely not a man of the people. He was a man of ideas and ideals.
And that's what many -- certainly not all -- Canadians loved about him.
Reason over passion. Working towards the collective good. Championing the immigrant. Righting the wrongs of history.
We who loved him were willing to buy the whole cheese even though some of its contents were a bit stinky, to be frank.
The Canada of Stephen Harper is a dark and mean place, sort of like Good Fellas meet Dragon's Den. Everybody fights. Nobody gets along. Everybody is striving for advantage.
That's why I think it's time for a little Justin. We need to see the good in our lives once again.
We absolutely need to dream again.
Who else is there out there to give us that kind of inspiration?
Mark Carney?
Another meano beano in a thousand dollar suit.
So let's give Justin a round of applause. We want him. We need him.
Take your best shot, Justin.
Let's turn the collective Canadian frown upside down.
What do we have to lose?

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