Keep your damned newspaper to yourself

Dear Editor of the Ottawa Citizen:

I woke up this morning to let the dog out and there was a copy of the Ottawa Citizen on my doorstep. A copy of the newspaper has appeared in this very location every day this week.

As I no longer subscribe to the print edition of the Ottawa Citizen, I want to first thank you for this kind gesture.

But please, keep your paper to yourself.

If you checked your records, you would see that I am a Kindle subscriber. I decided months ago that I wanted to make my surroundings a paperless environment as much as possible. I live in an apartment and I do not have room for stacks of newspapers piled high in the corner. Besides, Finnigan's favorite past time is to rip up paper, which means I'm finding the heads of your various columnists scattered about my living room.

So stop my free delivery.

I don't want your newspaper.

Thank you.



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