I may live to be ninety

More evidence that I am shallow.
Scott: Are you going to the gym today?
Me: No, I have a doctor's appointment. I can't do both.
Scott: But the doctor's only to renew your blood pressure meds.
Me: Yeah, and discuss the results of my mammogram.
Scott: But your mammogram was clear.
Me. Still.
Scott: I don't get it. Most people hold down jobs, look after their little kids, have hobbies. And you can't go to the gym and the doctor in one day?
Me: Exactly.

I am not a well person, headwise. I cannot multitask.
If I have more than one thing to do in the day -- other than walk the dogs and do the dishes -- I become a complete shipwreck.
I'm recovering from last week. I edited the copy for my magazine, helped Scott shoot a music video (by hanging around and suggesting cool shots while playing Angry Birds) and took in an audiology conference, all in French, a language I do not speak.
I'm exhausted.
So I need a couple weeks off.
I have to conserve my energy.
Keep my blood pressure at bay.
So, I will go to the doctor today.
Visit the gym tomorrow.
Couch surf for the rest of the week.
It's a good strategy.
Almost Mexican.
I may live to be ninety.


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