Driveby pap smear

Okay, so the picture didn't work out exactly as planned.
There were no calls from TMZ. No trending on Twitter. Not even one comment.
I showed it to Marissa, thought she'd be horrified. She just chuckled.
I still think it's good to see pictures of yourself from afar, to see what others see when you accidentally forget to lower the blinds.
Besides, I wanted to know what it feels like to have your privacy invaded by paps who intent on smearing your photo all over the tabloids.
Now I know how Kirstie Alley feels.
It reminds me that I have to discuss my breast reduction with the doctor today.
Look at how dippy and slumpy my shoulders are from the over-the-shoulder-bolder-holders.
Unfortunately, my naked blogging seems to have had a negative effect on my numbers which are the lowest they've been since I started blogging.
Better take the picture down.
I seem to be scaring away readers.


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