Friday, 31 August 2012

My left boob

It's been two weeks since my mammogram and I thought I was in the clear.
No news is good news, right?
Apparently not.
It seems the doc wants another look at my left boob. The nice lady at the Riverside called to say that that boob is very dense and he couldn't see all the way through, so they have to take a few more shots, then do an ultrasound.
The lady went out of her way to re-assure me that this is normal. Guess she didn't want me to jump off a bridge over the long weekend. I'm not like that.
I'm cool with this.
I've had nothing but trouble with my left breast for years. It's about an eighth bigger than the other one and, as a result of this, the dog keeps stepping on it. Yowza. I used to get a lot of pain in it as well. That was until I realized I needed to buy bigger bras.
Besides being dense, it's absolutely huge. Sometimes I think there are families of mice or other rodents living in it. Maybe a few spiders.
Am I nervous?
What will be will be.
The worst thing is I have to go to the Civic Campus, which I hate. Last time I went there, I took Marissa for allergy tests and we had to sit in between rows of orange suited convicts. It seems the dermatology office also doubles at the HIV/Aids testing facility.
I'm sure the women's breast centre is lovely, with nice pink walls and soothing music.
Besides, it's just a few x-rays.
Not like dermatology where they stick pieces of your running shoes on your back. I kid you not!
Oh well, wish me luck!
Enjoy your long weekend.
My friends have already planned to throw a party for my left boob, just in case.

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