Saturday, 7 July 2012

Carnival of the Blues: Now that was a Bluesfest

Nine years ago, Scott and I managed to score a backstage pass to the 10th Annual Ottawa Bluesfest. After ten days of sweltering heat and hours cooling our dogs in the green room just to get a 30 second clip from Gregg Alllman, who was unsure where he was, we cobbled together a one hour documentary, Carnival of the Blues.

This is the trailer for it.

It never aired anywhere because we didn't get signed consent from some of the artists. We also lost approximately $7,500 making it.

But we still had a blast. We got to interview everybody but Sheryl Crowe who was a complete bitch. Blue Rodeo also declined to talk to us -- I mean, we got Allman and Aykroyd, but Blue Fucking Rodeo was to impotent to give us two minutes of their time.

I'm posting this in honor of Bank-Sponsored Bluesfest which is not really a bluesfest anymore but a good old fashioned cash-grab. Hopefully, the organizers won't high-tail it to Costa Rica with the money like some other swell concert organizers.

If you're going, have fun trying to watch the shows over high-fiving, fist-punching 16-year-olds and fat women in tube tops. Don't forget your helmet in case the weather turns.

I'm staying home to watch this.

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