Saturday, 2 June 2012

Somebody broke the gymnasty

Dear Harley:

I'm slightly bummed today.

I socked down my whey-laden smoothie, drove the hubs to work and turned the car into The Athletic Club in Trainyards only to discover it was "closed indefinitely". I must be the only one in Ottawa who does not know this; the parking lot was empty save for a couple of environmental cleanup trucks.

That can't be good.

I called the Orleans club and discovered that some douche had been doing wheelies in the parking lot last night and hit a transformer. No power means no elliptical and rower today. Have to settle for some barbells and an exercise video. Normally, I would take Finnigan out for a power walk but it's pissing rain and I don't like exercise that much. So I took myself to Starbucks for a double cappucino and here I sit, with Finnigan chewing the leg of the chair and Gordie snoring at my other foot.

I'm not going to let this little blip get me down today. I'm psyched because tonight Scott and I will be having our first solid meal in six days. Awesome. I've chosen scallops, perhaps en papillote which is my favorite way of doing seafood, steamed with a little white wine and julienne vegetables.

I. Cannot. Wait.

By the way, Harls, I've tweaked your diet a little and it's working much better. I substituted Bonnie Stern's soup recipes for yours, as yours taste like ass. Her squash soup is orgasmic and it's the same number of calories as the one you tried to pass off. Her black bean is better, too. This has made all the difference to my mood, because your recipes are basically blended tasteless vegetables.

I'm not a baby, son.

Also, I've changed up the snacks a little -- all within the guidelines, of course. Instead of having veggies and dip at night, I'm having a smoothie and pretending I'm having ice cream. Score! Ah, I was in heaven last night.

The third change-up has been to add PGX capsules to my regime. People on calorie restricted diets should really check our and get the scoop on this terrific supplement. It's a natural fibre deal that fills up your tummy so  you don't feel hungry. It is also supposed to regulate blood sugar so people like me, the hypoglycemics, don't have spikes.

Comes well recommended, as it was developed by University of Toronto brainiacs.

PGX has made all the difference.

Today, I weighed in at 211, same as yesterday, but I didn't exercise yesterday. I shopped and bought a kickass umbrella for the backyard for $99 at HomeSense. It was worth losing the one pound advantage.

BTW, Scott weighed in at 160.0 today, with more than 12 pounds lost. He can finally see his toes and, you know.

Gotta go. Going to spend the day with John Irving and all his weird sexos.

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