Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Senator Bozo: Twitter bandit

Imagine if a Canadian cabinet minister responded to questions by a journalist by calling her a bitch on Twitter.
I would hope that cabinet minister would do more than just say, "sorry, my bad". I'm sure the cabinet minister would be forced to apologize to the journalist in the House of Commons. That's the very least the cabinet minister should do. The cabinet minister should be a) censured and b) fired.
Now, I'm not saying that King Stephen would do the right thing by firing the asshole, but I'm sure there would be some kind of punishment.
Not, apparently, for Senator Patrick Brazeau who is getting away scott-free for his unprofessional and sexist behavior on Twitter. From what I hear, Brazeau gets rewarded every time he does something inappropriate such as turning his former office into a speakeasy and acting like Don Draper.
What happened when he was run out of his big chief job?
He got a Senate post.
What are his qualifications to be in the Canadian senate exactly, particularly since he's not yet 40 and can keep that golden ticket until he is 75? Like the Queen of England, he gets his job due to his bloodline. Not because he's a man with a terrific resume, a person who has sacrificed anything.
He's just lucky due to geography and birth.
Like Prince Charles.
Okay, well, he might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but there are lots of Canadian senators of all races and colors who are gasbags or drooling idiots.
But they don't call journalists bitches.
They don't parade around in budgie smugglers duking it out with the spawns of former prime ministers, either.
Talk about your hubris.
What's bad about all this is that Jennifer Ditchburn wanted to ask him some legitimate questions about the fact he's playing hookie and collecting a big government pay day. He's the worst guy in the entire Senate for attendance -- now that's saying something.
He still hasn't come clean on why he can't get his ass into the Senate to catch a little shut-eye in his comfy red chair.
He mutters something about "person reasons".
What like getting his chest waxed?
What's so important that he can't show up for work?
Apparently, he's remaining mum on that question on Twitter.
The guy should never have been appointed to the Senate. But we can't get rid of him unless he commits a crime or something.
Maybe we could lay a trap.
Give him a test.
Surely he wouldn't be that stupid...

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