Sunday, 3 June 2012

Ottawa Farmer's Market: They got game

Dear Harley:

I'll admit to a setback last evening.
It was our first chewable meal since last Monday and we couldn't resist. I mean, come on, scallops? The addition of wine was truly necessary, that's all I'm saying.
Also skipped my workout yesterday. Not my fault that a lady hit a transformer and knocked out the power to the gymnasty. How fast was she going in the Trainyards parking lot and how distracted was she to hit a friggin' transformer?
I still lost a pound yesterday, bringing me to 210. That's five pounds lost in a week. Yippee caya, mo fo.
Not as good as Scott who has so far lost 13 pounds and is the envy of his car dealership.
Back on track this morning. Smoothie for brekkies. Squash soup for lunch. Bison for dinner.
Question: If a buffalo is so big, how come the steaks are so small?
Since the gymnasty still appears to be closed, we'll be visiting the Ottawa Farmer's Market today to see if they got game. Not game as in basketball, game as in venison, elk or moosemeat.
This afternoon we will spend some fun time writing Scott's resume. Looking for work in this economy can be a bitch. His dealership just hired a fifth guy when there's only enough work for three. What a bunch of assholes.
I digress.
Dog walking will constitute our 10,000 steps.
Not promising anything on the wine front.
But will do our best.
Your friend, Rosalita

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