Saturday, 23 June 2012

Karla Homolka: Go to hell

I come from a town where two girls were beaten, raped, mutilated and murdered.
Another girl was also brutalized but managed to escape.
Once, I drove past the house of horrors and witnessed, for myself, the anger of the community written large all over the doors and windows.
Die bitch. Go to hell.
That's what people wrote. Eventually, the house had to be demolished.
And so I'm not loving Paula Todd and her quest to find Karla Homolka. I don't want to know anything about her. Didn't need to find out she's a wife and mother.
The only news I want to hear about is that she has died.
Yesterday, my hometown newspaper ran a solacious news story on its front page, detailing all aspects of Karla's new life in Guadaloupe. She still feels trapped, according to Todd, a hunted woman even now, years after she got out of prison.
The good people of St. Catharines rightly rose up and digitally pummeled the Standard, a newspaper where I once worked. They didn't like much the way the story was splashed on the front page right beside a story about new funding for the mentally ill.
I am a journalist and realize this is a news story that must be told.
But the newspaper failed to live up to community standards by splashing it, as it did, on the front page.
St. Catharines is a town that is still in mourning. And it is still hurting.
Why not put a picture of Kristen and Leslie on the cover instead of Karla?
Sometimes the victims get lost.
We should never forget the girls Karla and Paul murdered.
We don't need to sensationalize the killer.

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