Monday, 4 June 2012

Does this beer make me look fat?

Dear Harley:

I'm into my second week of your diet, and I'm now 209, which I haven't been in years.
Thanks for helping me make this breakthrough.
Last night, we enjoyed our second solid meal, a sumptuous feast of elk, brown rice, three bean salad and tomato. I realize, it's not on your list, but your recipes blow, though the people around you may fail to tell you this fact. We kept our menu within your calorie range and substituted elk for bison because we found elk at the Ottawa Farmer's Market.
I must tell you, the elk was the best meat I've ever eaten, and that includes kangaroo!
With meat like this around, I will have no trouble giving up beef.
For the first time, I managed to beat Scott in the weight loss department. His weight met a plateau, although he's already lost 13 pounds. I told him that's because of the four cans of beer he consumed yesterday. Seriously, I think he's finally realized that the beer is what has made him fat.
Tonight, we're onto turkey fajitas with some veg.
Perhaps turkey meatballs tomorrow.
Could be worse.
We could still be on liquid food.

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