Sunday, 17 June 2012

Diets: The Art of the Cheat

Scott and I were lined up at the checkout at Loblaws, armed with spinach, whole grain wraps and other taste sensations, when the woman behind us began inspecting our haul.

"You must be on a diet," she said. "We've been on one for months; today is our cheat day."

I looked back at her cart, filled with lemon pie, chips, sugary drinks and processed food.

"I told my trainer that I was having a cheat day," explained the women, who could be rowing heavyweight in the Olympics. "The trainer said, basically, 'have fun cause it's going to be your last."

Lately, grocery cart inspection has become somewhat of a sport for me. We've been on the Harley Pasternak joint for nearly a month and have been swapping out those dastardly foods that have sabotaged us for years.

Here are my favorites: ice cream.

We've also shrunk our portion size and choreographed our plates to make grains and veg the stars of the show.

It hasn't been bad. I don't really miss the bad stuff and it's always a good feeling when you get to wear something you haven't been able to slither into for nearly a decade.

We have a cheat day, too. But we're not going crazy. That woman's haul was ridiculous and it was pretty clear to me that whatever regime she was on was making her miserable. She was having a hard time embracing change, and I'm sure the next time I see her, her cart will still be rockin' the pie out.

Our cheat day is today, so instead of having a smoothie for breks, we opted for eggs. A month ago, our Sunday breakfast would have consisted of two eggs, bacon or sausage and two pieces of toast. This morning, we had a omelette, no toast, so you see? We didn't cheat at all. We just swapped in solid food.

For lunch, if we even had lunch since we're so stuffed with omelette, we'll have Asian soup with udon noodles. YUM!

We looked at the ribs at the grocery store yesterday and took a pass. They just didn't look as good as they used to.

For dinner we're having roast turkey with fresh salad and strawberries we picked up at the Ottawa Farmer's Market today. Scott will also serve up some potatoes, but I won't be having any. I could but I don't want to.

I like eating this way.  I'm used to it.

Our only cheat will be wine and beer, maybe a cocktail.

Come on, folks, we're not insane.

After all, we aren't rabbits or grain fed chickens.

And it is Father's Day. Daddy deserves him some libation.

Enjoy your day!

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