Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Devil, thy name is Finnigan

Finnigan the puppy is teething and he's using Gordie's neck and my arm as his teething rings.
His gums are all purply and his eyes are menacing; quite clearly Finn is gripped by madness.
Yesterday, I was trying to edit copy for my magazine and he was everywhere. Up on the table, into the laundry, shredding the newspaper -- which is okay, I can deal with that.
But it's the barking that's getting me.
He has this high pitch bark and howl combo which he likes to demo right beside my left ear. Not since I was a rock and roll bunny have my ears taken this kind of abuse.
I've had to take away his chews because he swallows them and has to be let out three times in the early morning hours. I am frickin' exhausted.
We've tried everything. Consulted Cesar Milan. Talked to the vet.
We are just going to have to deal.
Hope this is just a phase.

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