Friday, 15 June 2012

Come on, Justin. Throw it in. You know you want to

Bob Rae thinks the argument that he's too old to lead the Liberals is "bullshit".
And I agree.
That old bastard Chretien was kickin' it as PM well past his first Old Age Security cheque. So was Pierre Trudeau.
Bob Rae's age is not a factor, yet it is.
The problem with being Rae's age is that a person accumulates a lot of baggage along the way. Like making an ass of himself as Premier of Ontario. People our age don't forget that. Oh, and being a turncoat. And if he did decide to run, even though the Liberal executive wanted him to sign a paper saying he wouldn't, he would be a liar and a cheat.
It has nothing at all to do with his age.
It has to do with what he's done during his 60 odd years on the planet.
That's why Bob Rae can't run.
It's simple as pie.
Some people think Justin Trudeau is too young to run, too inexperienced, a mile wide and an inch deep. But that is why it's the perfect time for him to run.

Somebody needs to rebuild the Liberal Party and you can't do that at 63. You need at least ten years in the trenches. You need to bring new folk into the fold and hopefully let the old farts die off -- the ones who have made a mess of the Liberal Party over the past three decades.
The proteges of Davey, the ass kissers of Martin and the devotees of Chretien -- come on boys, it's time to go. You made your nut.
Leave some room for people who haven't sold their principles for a patronage appointment.
Those guys are the reason people like me stopped being Liberals.
That's why the time is perfect for Pierre's boy.
By the time Justie is 50, Stephen Harper will be on his way to the home. He'll have begun to smell bad. He'll be as cranky and autocratic as ever, but in a far paunchier, droopier package. He'll have developed Dief brows, a curvature of the spine and piles from sitting in too many drafty hockey arenas. He'll be wearing support hose.
Probably have a drippy prostate.
Tom Mulcair will be old as well. Hopefully he will smell better. But by the time ten years pass, people will see that the NDP are a useless bunch of pantiwastes whose policies are still stuck in the 60s. Look at Mulcair's version of the National Energy Program designed to kiss the collective ass of Quebeckers while pissing off the West.
He's already a boob and he's not even one year in.
Justin is handsome, all full of derring-do, with a pretty wife and cute kids. He is all hair and teeth and machismo under a metro-sexual skin.
He's a Quebecker but he's not a sell out. He believes in Canada, even though sometimes he misspeaks himself. Justie is only 40 after all.
Justin is competitive and can beat down any Tory in a pair of budgies smugglers, but he's also a team player. He's bound to be able to work with anybody after having Margaret as his mother -- there I said it -- so he'll be able to placate the assorted weirdos who come into the Liberal fold.
But he'll also give them some tough love when they need it.
He is Pierre's boy after all.
So come on, Justin.
Get back in the ring.
On this Father's Day, do it for your Dad.
You know you want to.

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